Plant Dismantling and Relocation

PSNE is a specialist project management and engineering organisation providing knowledge-based support to ensure the successful and safe delivery of dismantling and relocating. Safety is a major factor for the team conducted to ensure Zero-Tolerance.

With our specialized team we deliver the dismantled plant to customer by providing packing, preserving, relocation, revamping, re-installation. This access helps our clients to set up their plant smoothly in a very short time.

The procedure of dismantling directly undertook with supervision of PSNE’s Professional team and specialists in the field of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Plant projects.

Several professional steps based on site-run definition before and during dismantling and packing job:

  • The first job in hand is get the containers delivered to the site.
  • Line up and as built the last revision of P&ID before start dismantling.
  • Equipment specification is as built before start dismantling job.
  • All equipment, piping and steel structure tagged based on drawings and marked using colour coding system.
  • All piping and steel structure marked based on as built P&ID and the cutting point.

We have two objectives:

  • To dismantle the plant and also make sure to reassemble it successfully


Equipment Installation

  • PSNE is qualified in installation using expert engineers in oil, gas and petrochemical fields.
  • PSNE’s personnel’s experiences are included: 4200 tons equipment (rotary & static) installation and execution of 198000 inch-diameters piping.
  • Installation, Test & Startup of all Rotating Equipment (Compressor, Generator, Pump, Turbine, …)
  • Installation of Spherical Storage Tank
  • Installation of Heat Exchangers, Silos, …

Installation of Steel Structures, Piperacks,

Industrial Piping Execution

PSNE is able to execute, test and flash of all piping types (UG/AG).

  • Execution of Utility Production Systems (Nitrogen, Steam, Air, Water, …)
  • Execution of Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Execution of Fire Fighting Systems

Electrical & Instrumentation Elements Installation

Commissioning & Startup

Commissioning and Startup are the most important stages of a project. So an exact plan is required which is performed by special software.

 Some of the Commissioning activities are as follow:

  • Implementation of Industrial Cleaning, Flashing & Drying of Pipes and Vessels
  • Preparation of Timing Plan for Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning
  • Preparation of Commissioning Documents, Drawings & Mechanical Datasheet
  • Evaluation of Required Lubricants & Chemical materials
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Systems Test
  • Mechanical Run & Load Run
  • Line-up According to P&ID
  • Training of Client Personnel
  • Rotary Equipment Free Run
  • Maintenance Planning for each Unit