Petrosnat Noavarane Parsian Company thank you for visiting the portal of the company and notifies me.

The company has been established in the year 1389 with the aim of improving the industry and eliminating as much as possible the problems of the country’s industry problems

1. Spherical reservoir

2-  Industrial greenhouse

Officially as well as the experienced staff of the company in the projects

3- Rijal Petrochemical Co. to open a factory in Japan and package items and devices and send to Iran to design

Revising and optimizing the layout and installation and finalization of the final delivery

4- Repair and maintenance of gas platforms of the second and third phase of South Pars

5- Design and construction, purchase and commissioning of pipelines for water and gas and oil products

6. Short-term and periodic repairs of the Islamic Republic’s shipping vessels, National Oil Company, Fisheries Company

7. GTL Project Design

And dozens of projects and internal and international projects will have active presence and presence of key players.

Other goals of the company include computerized maintenance and repair (CMMS) systems, with the use of information technology, to create productivity and to gain more benefits in maintenance management and repair.

Currently, the offices of the company are located in Malaysia and Iraq, and we are witnessing its precious services in the countries mentioned.

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